Do you know if you've been fitted with the right contact lenses for your eyes?

It is so easy to buy contact lenses online nowadays, but are they all right for your eyes? Although they may look the same there are many different types of contact lenses depending on one’s...

How do I keep my eyes from getting more near-sighted? New research and methods available now!

What is diabetes and how can it affect my eyes? What should I do if I have diabetes?

So you or someone you know has pink eye. What should you know about pink eye and what should you do?

What foods are good for my eyes? Does eating carrots actually help?

There is more the wearing sunglasses than just having UV protection. Learn about how new knowledge and technology can help protect your eyes from the sun more than ever before.

We’ve heard it before; an undetected vision or eye health problem can affect a child’s academic performance. However, you might not have heard it can also affect a child’s behaviour and social skills. Most kids don’t complain about their vision because they either have...

What is a cataract? How do I get them and how do I prevent them?

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