What We Offer

Healthy eyes and clear vision


Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Optometry is about ensuring that your vision in clear and your eyes are healthy. Our exams include advanced diagnostic testing, a full assessment with one of our optometrists and a consultation with our opticians and eye care experts. All patients are recommended to have annual eye examinations. You will always leave our office being more educated about your eyes than ever before.

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Personalized Eyeglass Fittings

How you see this world is through your lenses. There are thousands of lenses out there, but how do you know which one fits your lifestyle, needs and budget? We have selected a carefully curated collection of frames and lenses to fit every patient, and our opticians and lens experts are able to help guide you through the process. This will allow you to see as clearly as you possibly can.

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Emergency and Urgent Eye Care

There are many eye conditions that can happen suddenly and should be treated immediately. At York Medical Eye Care, we have the equipment and expertise to accommodate eye related emergencies to make sure that your eyes are well taken care of. Please call to schedule an appointment immediately if you have any of the following:

  • red and painful eyes

  • flashes and floaters

  • eye scratches

  • eye infections

  • foreign body in eyes

  • sudden loss of vision

  • stuck or irritated contact lenses

  • uncomfortable and itchy eyes

  • broken glasses

Video Camera Lens

Retinal Photography

Our retinal camera allows us to take an image of the retina, which is inside of your eye. This will help ensure that your eyes are healthy and stay that way. Our optometrists will take the time to explain all the different parts about your eye and how to maintain good eye health.

This is a part of our standard eye exam.

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Optical Coherence Tomography

This state of the art retinal scan allows us to use infrared light look at your eye in detail beyond what is seen in a regular eye exam. This can allow us to detect, diagnose and treat sight threatening conditions years earlier than ever before. If you have, or are at risk of eye conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration amongst many others, this is a test for you.

This is a part of our standard eye exam.

Open Field

Visual Field Testing

This test allows us to check your peripheral vision. It can be used to detect many conditions, from common problems such as glaucoma to threatening conditions such as brain tumours.

This is a part of our standard eye exam.

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Contact Lens Examinations

Your eyes are special and no other eyes are shaped like yours. Contact lenses will fit every eye differently. Whether you are brand new to contact lenses or have been wearing them for 90 years, we are able to assess to see if your contacts are fitting you properly.

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Laser Surgery Consultations

Laser eye surgery has come a far way, and it's safety is well documented. We are able to use our advanced technologies to assess your eyes and lifestyle to see if you are a candidate for surgery, and guide you with your decision.
All patients are recommended to have annual eye examinations.

Female patient eye exam

Myopia Control

30% of our children are becoming nearsighted, and the number is growing every day. There are technologies available now that can help slow down or stop these changes in prescriptions.

Child In Speech Therapy

Vision Therapy

In this digital age where near work is a way of life, our focusing abilities are more important than ever. There are many visual conditions that can affect how we focus, read and see the world. Often, these problems go undetected. We are able to find these problems early on and treat them, benefiting you in school, work and life.